An Open Letter

From: Tommie Herrell

Subject: Open Letter to the Public -> RE:  Centennial Village

In 2016, I started Centennial Village, because I saw the real need for a save, secure, and quiet Adult Community in Alamogordo.  To fulfill this, I started Centennial Village with my good friends and partners the Cobles.  With the help of Bruce & Barbara along with the hands of countless others, the dream of Centennial Village is now real and alive.

The vision for Centennial Village, is to be the finest Adult Community in Alamogordo.  A Community the features small, safe, simple, quiet and independent living.  Our goal is to provide our clients with affordable living where residents can share the pride of owning or leasing a quality home.

I want you to know this, as a personal commitment to myself, and to the vision, my wife and I, personally own a home inside Centennial Village.

Come Live in a Better Place – Centennial Village!

–Tommie Herrell

Please call 575.404.1888

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